Artificial intelligence -the future

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First of all we just want to thanks Kevin for helping team nikist to write this ebook.Kevin is an AI developer at IBM and he is an open-source software contributor. With the help of kevin we wrote this ebook to explain you the Artificial intelligence and deep learning in a most simple format.By the way kevin is also a member of Team Spronik.Artificial intelligence has become extremely important in the past few years.As a result, people with the ability to teach machines using Artificial intelligence are in extremely high demand, and commanding significant increases in salary, as Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world around us.However, most developers and IT professionals do not know about this valuable set of skills yet.So now in the next slide let explore the chapters of this ebook!!.

CH-1 What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a both difficult and easy term to understand. Either you get definitions that are too vague and offer little substance, or definitions that are too technical and require prior knowledge of math and statistics to understand. But in this chapter we will explain you what is artificial intelligence in the most simpler manner.

In the 2nd chapter we will talk about “where did Artificial Intelligence come from?” and in the 3rd chapter we will introduce you to deep learning.

In the 4th chapter we will talk about the Artificial Neurons and how Artificial neural networks work quite differently than real biological neural networks.And In the 5th chapter we will talk about Neural Networks and how a human determine if the network made a correct prediction or not.

In the 6th chapter we will talk about deep Neural Networks like how how to teach an AI to detect human faces. And then in the 7th chapter we will have a look on Generative Adversarial Networks.

In the 8th chapter we will talk about Deep learning frameworks that allow anyone to create your own deep learning algorithms.

In 9th chapter we will talk about The Future. Means how is Artificial intelligence going to impact you, your organization, and our world?

And then in last chapter 10th we will end this ebook by giving you our final words that will be the summary of this whole ebook.

By the end of this ebook, you’ll understand deep learning and the tools, technology, and trends driving the artificial intelligence revolution. As an introductory ebook, there are no required prerequisites for this ebook. We’ll be explaining everything you need to know along the way.


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