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This ebook gives you a proper understanding of Hackers. How do they think? how do they attack? etc.This ebook contains 10 chapters and each chapter gives you deep knowledge of hacking. And ya! anyone can read this ebook even if they don’t know any programming language.

CH-1-  how protected do you feel?

Nowadays people want to learn how to hack Facebook accounts but they do not know how to secure their own Facebook account. In this chapter, we share some data with you so that you understand how protected you are?. and we do a deep research to collect that data.

CH-2 Difference between hacking and cracking in a computer.

Most of you get confused between hacking and cracking into a system. so in this chapter, we will tell you the actual difference between hacking and cracking with real-life examples.

CH-3 Information Security

In this chapter, we’re going to start to introduce to you some new concepts, new phrases, new ideas that you need to become familiar with. Why do we have security in place, what is its purpose, and making sure that purpose meets the requirements that we have for our company? etc etc.

CH-4 Hacking vs. Ethical Hacking

Now, most of you get confused between hacking and ethical hacking. so in this chapter, we are going to talk about what is hacking and what is ethical hacking.

CH-5-Fundamentals of Information Security

Now in this chapter, Let’s take a look at the fundamentals of information security. Now we need to make sure that we understand why we’re securing things down. We also talk about what is authenticity and DOS Attacks with real-life examples.

CH-6-Speak like a Hacker.

Okay, now it’s time to speak like a hacker. in this chapter we talk about the exploit, vulnerability in systems etc etc.

CH-7-Zero-Day attack

Now in this chapter, we are going to talk about the zero-day attack. Now a zero-day attack is very similar, well this is probably the most common or known term that we use in the hacking world. so this chapter we give you a complete understanding of it

CH-8-The Technology Triangle.

In this chapter we are going to talk about The Technology Triangle it’s mysterious. I would say as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle, just not as big. its a really interesting term in hacking.

Ch-9- Shrink-wrap Code Attacks.

In this chapter, we are going to talk about Shrink-wrap Code Attacks. this is a special type of attack that hackers do. and in this chapter, we explain it in a simple manner with real-life examples

CH-10- CEH Certification Program

In our last chapter, we talk about CEH Certification exam. this certification brings you to whole new level. and at last, we share some website from where you can advance your hacking skills for free.

So that’s the description of this ebook. hope you guys get some idea about this ebook.


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