Facebook As A Spy

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Chapter 1 :- Introduction

In this chapter we will go through the basic introduction of ebook and Facebook related questions whose answers you will get after reading the whole book.

Chapter 2:- About Facebook

In this chapter we will read the basic introduction of Facebook.

Chapter 3:- Purpose Of Facebook

As the name suggests , it will include the purpose of creation of Facebook. And how the purpose of Facebook has changed from then and now.

Chapter 4:-Tricks That Facebook Plays With us

In this particular chapter we will read the tricks and methodology of Facebook algorithms.

Chapter 5:- Hacker’s Point Of View 

According to hackers, Facebook keeps on tracking you even after you have logged out. It keeps on collecting your data.

Chapter 6:- Facebook as a Political Campaigning Tool

In this chapter we will read about the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) in India. They used the most powerful tool to achieve the victory for them, which is social media.

In short, this ebook is all about Facebook and you will read all the main things about Facebook like it’s purpose , tricks,hacker’s point of view,and Facebook as a campaigning tool for political parties like BJP . 







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  1. Nikita sharma

    Awesome nikist…. please write an ebook about Google hacking

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