Internet of things- The future

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The “Internet of Things” (IoT) has the power to change our world. And this ebook helps you alot to know about IOT in a very simple way with some real life examples.

Chapter- 1 The IOT

In this chapter we will explain you what actually IOT is. Because there are lots of Misconception related to IOT. So this chapter will clear all of your question about IOTs.

Chapter- 2 Embedded Devices vs. Computers.

In this chapter, First we will talk about Embedded devices and computers. Then after that we will explain you the difference between them.

Chapter-3 Security Risks of IoT

If you are the one who love hacking. Then you will love this chapter because in this chapter we are going to talk about some big Security Risks of IoT. 

Chapter-4 Generic Security Risks

Some of the more capable smart devices that support more complex embedded operating systems also support versions of common network communication protocols. From an attacker standpoint, the major risk is that these are accessible over the network or the internet. So in this chapter, we will tell you about some Generic Security Risks. So that you can understand the all the security factors of IOT.

Chapter-5 Hardcoded Passwords.

One common vulnerability that has been at the root cause of compromised internet connected devices are hardcoded passwords and credentials. These are used to facilitate the factory reset when a user forgets the password, or when the device gets misconfigured. And this chapter will explain this to you in a detailed and simple manner.

Chapter-6 Designing Secure Devices and Services.

As more and more businesses take their services online, they expose these to web applications or web services that are hosted on webservers. So in this chapter we will talk about how can we design Secure Devices and Services to protect these businesses.

So that’s all about this ebook. This ebook will tell you about so many interesting and awesome stuff related to hacking, IOTs, And tech world.


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