Password hacking

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Ch-1- In the chapter first, we will learn about key loggers and ratting. Key loggers are basically software to monitor, track and save the key strokes that are pressed on the device in which it is installed. This chapter give you a complete deep understand of keyloggers.

Ch-2 In this chapter we will see how we can hack someone’s password. This chapter will teach you so many physiological techniques for guessing someone’s password.

In this chapter we will talk about brute Force. Well brute force is a hit and trial technique used by applications to decode passwords and pins. That chapter will teach you how you can hack passwords using brute force.

Chapter-4 Now after reading about brute force in the last chapter, Let us discuss phishing here. In simple words, phishing is a technique used by hackers to steal your confidential information like bank account details; social media account passwords etc, by making you type this information in a spurious website that is especially designed to hack your information. This chapter will teach you every method that can be use for doing this type of attacks.

SOCIAL ENGINEERING:- So, now you probably know everything about phishing. Now we will learn something new. The art of manipulating people in order to divulge confidential and personal information such as bank account details or password from individuals, by tricking them so that it can be used for deceitful crimes, is social engineering.
And this is a complete chapter on social engineering.

Ch-6 CARDING:-In this chapter, we are going to know all about carding.This chapter teach you each and everything about carding in a very simple way.

Ch-7 HOW TO DO CARDING? :-In the last chapter we have seen what is carding and now we know what carders do and how your plastic money is not safe in the market. In this chapter we will see how to do carding. What tips and tricks the hackers use to steal your card details.


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