Placement guide

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This is a complete package that contain one ebook with Aptitude , java, C and Hr round interview question papers.

First lets talk about the ebook. so in this ebook by our own experience we give you some amazing tips and tricks that willl help you to crack your campus placement. This ebook contain 5 chapters.

In our first chapter we will talk about the compus selection. this chapter gives you the complete idea about compus placement process.

In our second chapter we will talk about the first round of campus selection which is Aptitude test. now this chapter gives you some awesome suggestions and tips that will help you in your placement aptitude test.

In our third chapter we will talk about the second round of placement which is GD(Group discussion). now this chapter is really intresting because In this chapter we will guide you how you can express your points during group discussion. we also give you some tips that will really really help you during your GD round.

In our fourth chapter we will talk about the third round of placement which is technical round. now this chapter explain what type of technical question a interviewer can ask you. we also give you some examples like zoho interview question.

In our last 5th chapter we will explain you about the final and most important round of your placement which is Hr round. now this chapter give you some suggestions like how to answer in front of a HR.

Not only this!!!!!with this package you will get

Aplitude test question of differnt different IT compines.

most important Java interview questions,

C interview question and

Hr round interview questions.



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